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In accordance with HKYWCA’s mission of “Enhancement of Life”, Career Development and Continuing Education Department serves people in need for all ages and from different backgrounds by providing them with high quality continuing education services. We have been launching foundation adult education programs since 1940’s. We have also provided secretarial and commercial diploma courses in 1970’s; and diversified vocational training programs and job placement services in 1990’s. To stride forward to the 21st century, Hong Kong has become a technological and knowledge basis society. HKYWCA Career Development and Continuing Education Department will continue to take part in grooming new talents in different generations.

Nowadays, Hong Kong is in an era of globalization and knowledge bloom. Hong Kong people are facing the unprecedented acute competition. While people are continuously urging to gain knowledge and skills upgrading, they are also facing challenges and stress at work. They are always looking for a good balance in their family life. HKYWCA Career Development and Continuing Education Department endeavors in whole-person care. On the one hand, we help our clients to obtain the vocational skills and knowledge so as to sustain competitiveness in their workplace. On the other hand, we always stand by their sides as a partner and share their ups and downs in their career. We would be more than happy to see them to become positive, confident and zealous members of the society and to strive to serve it.