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Founded in 1920, Hong Kong YWCA is dedicated to "Enhancement of Life" as our service mission. Since 1993, YWCA has been taking part in ERB retraining and employment service. Career Development and Continuing Education Department of YWCA, has long committed to “Life-long Learning” and providing high quality and continuing education services to people from all walks of life. We have established strong partnerships with the government, industrial and commercial sectors, and educational institutions, etc, providing training and employment related services and self-enhancement opportunities to the service users.
Every year, Career Development and Continuing Education Department has been launching a diverse range of programs and services including ERB Manpower Development Scheme; Adult Education Scheme subvented by Labor and Welfare Bureau; Youth Employment and Training Programme funded by Labour Department; and Employees Service Scheme for the government and corporate sector; as well as a variety of career enhancement programmes for working adults, etc.
Hong Kong YWCA has been promoting membership movement to enhance our members spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.  Not only shall their whole-person growth be promoted, but also their leadership, horizons and enthusiasm to help be cultivated.